I am purposefully limiting the number of samples I am showing you, because this is about YOU learning the process and creating your own pages, not creating in somebody else’s style.

Watch a page being created – (Video) 

Sample Art Journaling Page #1
Click the link above to watch the video.


Sample 1

Here is a sample page created with one of the vintage images available for your use, as well as a quote. It really didn’t take long to complete.  The background had been completed previously so there wasn’t any drying time needed for the background. Be willing to take a risk in your journal! If you don’t want anyone to see it, don’t show it to them. You may surprise yourself and really love the outcome of a page. If you just don’t like it, just wait. Leave it for a while and then come back to it. You may feel differently about when you come back to it.  If you despise it, you can:

  1. Leave it alone and move on, looking back at it as a step in your learning process, or
  2. Cover it up with gesso and start over! 

Artful Adventures Summer Story  art journaling page

Here’s how this “Every Summer” art journal page was created:

  • Applied gesso to a book page
  • Applied a light watercolor wash to page
  • Stamped a little white paint in sky area
  • Used watercolor pencils for sky and sand
  • Printed vintage image, cut out, and applied to page
  • Cut the umbrella from patterned paper and applied to page
  • Used a black, fine-lined permanent pen to add line work and lettering.

As I look back on this page, I can see things I would do differently. Is it worth going back and fixing? NO. I enjoyed the process and thinking about the many summers of my life which indeed have their own stories; each one is different!

Sample 2

Artful Adventures Art Journaling Basics sample page with vintage bathing beauty.

Here is how this second sample page was created:

  • Applied gesso to a book page
  • Applied a light watercolor wash to page
  • Printed vintage image and did image transfer using a gel medium. You could easily just print it, cut it out and use it as is.
  • Stamped sea shells in the corner of image
  • Spritzed a bit of ink from markers to make specks of color
  • Printed quote; cut out; used matte medium to adhere
  • Used matte medium over image to seal and brushed a bit over the stamped shells
  • Used waterproof, black fine-point pen to do rough, sketchy line under quote sections
  • Randomly dabbed a bit of white on the page with a sponge

To finish and seal all the elements of the page, as I was brushing a light layer of matte medium over the vintage image, I noticed that the first sea shell it touched was beginning to bleed.  I liked the way it softened the edges of the stamped images, and I continued to lightly brush the medium over the other stamped shells.  Then I realized it was causing the ink to look totally different.  You could see more of the red in the brown!  If I had wanted to make sure the water based ink did not begin to bleed with other layers added, I would have needed to use give it a spray of workable fixative before using any other water-based products in layering.

NOW, grab your stuff and start creating your own pages. Be sure and share them with us over in the private Facebook Group!