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Artful Adventures Art Journaling Basics online class is complete with written content and videos, plus images and ideas for your first few pages! It addresses some questions you may have about the very basics of getting started. I remember how many questions I had when I started, and there were so many resources it was hard to find a good starting place. I’ve picked up tips and tricks along my journey and now I’d like to offer an easier way for you to begin. I’ll walk you through each step of and provide guidance to starting your art journaling.

You will:

  • Learn what art journaling is.  Discover ways you may decide to use it.
  • Receive tips on what to use for a journal. Don’t get lost in the sea of choices, you can make informed decisions.
  • Learn how to make your own journal by recycling a book. It’s easy to go green!
  • Learn about basic supplies and adhesives. Don’t spend money on supplies you don’t need to get started. Find out what you may already have on hand that will work.
  • Receive product recommendations. Get tips you can use to make your selections and save time and money.
  • Learn how to create five fast and easy ways to make backgrounds. Get started right away,  so you aren’t staring at a blank page wondering what to do next.
  • Receive a list of page prompts and learn how using prompts can spark your creativity. Never feel ‘stuck’ or lacking ideas!
  • Receive printable images and quotes to get started without delay!

Bonus 1: You will also receive the original Artful Adventures Art Journaling Basics eBook for free! This ebook in .pdf format also contains links to the videos and the printables, giving you multiple options to access the class information.

Bonus 2: A private Facebook Group to connect with others and share your projects without the judgement of family and friends who have no idea what you’re doing! We’ll have our own fun!

What you get:

7 Lessons

6 Videos

6 Pages of Printable Images (91 single images)

3 Pages of Quotes and online quote resources

Samples with basic description of steps to complete.

List of page prompts

Printable list of basic Product Recommendations

All content is available upon payment and registration; with no end date to access, (as long as this site is operational, barring catastrophes, etc.)!

All for just $20

That’s less expensive than most in-person classes, and you’ll have all the information whenever you want it. If you want to access your class in jammies, it’s perfectly okay. Your class, on your timetable!

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Kristie welcomes you to share in Artful Adventures at You may also like to listen in on the Artful Adventures podcast to hear about some women who are incorporating their love of arts and crafts along with “real” life!

 What People are saying:

I highly recommend Kristie’s class, Artful Adventures – Art Journaling Basics, for anyone who has dabbled or who has thought about dabbling in art journaling. Kristie debunks the myth that you need to be an artist to have an art journal. With her open, shoot from the hip style, you learn what an art journal can be, what to look for when buying one and how to create gorgeous background patterns. Getting messy can be the hardest thing for Type A people like me but after watching Kristie slap gesso on the page with her hands, I want to try it! Thanks to Kristie’s tips and tricks I feel more confident in my own fledgling art journaling attempts!

Alison Day

I love Kristie’s approach to learning about art journaling.  I am so glad I got a chance to participate in her online class.  It is full of beginner info that I found invaluable, and everyone should have the ebook on hand.


Thank you for Artful Adventures. I’ve stolen an afternoon from Christmas-related projects to get in to the Artful Adventures Art Journaling class. I’m really enjoying it and actually learning a lot! Thanks for being neat, organized, concise and artful in your presentation. Thanks also for the fun printables and quotation pages — they make getting started much less daunting.


All for just $20

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