Artful Adventures Episode 1 – Introduction

Here is the first episode of the Artful Adventures podcast!

Don’t run off yet, because I want you to stay tuned!   We are about to launch the first podcast series, “Everyday Artist,” where we will interview a variety of women from many walks of life.  We want to know how they find to work their arts and crafts into their busy lives, and how they feel it makes a difference in their life – not only to themselves, but to others!

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    • Thank you Alice! I think people are really going to enjoy the Everyday Artist series. It is amazing how many people are walking around with talents we don’t even know about; and when they share them, we are all blessed!

  1. girrrrrrrrrrrl, you’re a supa star!!!!! This is wonderful! i love love love your voice! Quite an accomplishment! You should be very very proud of this!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! hugs!

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