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Creating a Practically Perfect Planner

Creating a Practically Perfect Planner

make it monday-pink logoEvery new year, people decide they are going to be more organized, be more productive, and reach new goals. Many of us look for the perfect planner/calendar — every year! I think I have had about every size of planner in too many brands to remember. Have I found the perfect planner for myself? Not really. Each one had its merits, but in the end, none of them every really felt like they fit all my needs.

This year, before the new year started, it seemed like there were even more planners than usual! Along with new planner lines, there seemed to be an abundance of ideas on how to use them, how to decorate them, how to plan better, how to utilize one to better work for your lifestyle. You may be thinking, It’s a planner, how hard can it be? Yet there are those of us who feel like planner failures. I am one.

Why does nothing seem to suit me, or maybe you? It’s because we aren’t the failure, the planners are! Companies design for the masses! They make what they think will benefit the greatest number of people. What may work best for you, may not be right for me, or for my neighbor.

Practically Perfect Planner class with Cara Vincens

I think the most useful idea I ever had for planning, was to use a monthly calendar on our refrigerator. Everyone had their own colored pencil to use for their activities and appointments. At just a glance, I had an immediate and broad view of what my family was doing. As the “director” of the house, it was important to have that view. Other that than, I would use a planner for a short time, and then let if fade into the obscurity of a drawer, or shelf. And how did my refrigerator calendar info transfer to a useful size, it didn’t. So it wasn’t very convenient anywhere except the kitchen!

Is there hope? YES there is hope!

Cara Vincens from the Hooting Pirate
Cara Vincens

My sweet friend, Cara Vincent from the Hooting Pirate, is the mother to six little ones first and foremost, but to keep calm and not lose herself in the day-to-day crazies of being a mother, she is a mixed media artist, turns to scrapbooking, paper crafting and costume design as her escape.  She adores photography, and most times you’ll see those 6 faces that make up her world on her scrapbook pages. She is a planner user from way back. She has tweeked and tweeked planners to find what works for HER life and she has put together a series of lessons to help YOU create your own Practically Perfect Planner!

I have had a chance to go through the class. It truly is amazing to go through the exercises she provides. Who knew some of us needed help figuring out our options, and creating a planner that fits our individual needs? Like most things, it is amazing what some excellent advice and guidance can do. Throw in some Washi tape, and  give it a crafty vibe!

I urge you to let Cara help you with some crafty ideas to create your own planning system!

Practically Perfect Planner class with Cara Vincens

The class starts today, February 9th and runs through March 22nd.

You can find out more HERE.

You may like to listen to Cara discuss the class with another friend of mine, Melissa Shanhun of Digital Scrapbooking HQ, on her podcast.

Chime in with your comments. Do you still need help creating your own ideal planning system?

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This was a little different version of Make It Monday, but you should have come here from Lisa at My Kreative Pursuits, where she shared a “love-ly” project in this week’s #MondayMojo post.

Next up in the Make it Monday blog circle is Beth from Scrapbooking Wondersbringing teaching and crafting together by creating a banner for the classroom.


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