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Why Use Food Photos?

Why Use Food Photos?

Have you used food photos in capturing your memories when creating a journal or scrapbook page? I’ll admit that I have not done it very often. Yet, I have found that it really does bring up memories — good or bad! I have an opportunity for you to learn more about using food photos, so be sure and read to the end!

Many of you have heard me talk about Layout A Day, the online event where everyone’s goal is to create a memory page each day for a month. There is a theme to the month, and prompts for each day, which makes it interesting. It really helps you think of stories that had escaped your memory, and it’s fun to capture those memories once more! At least a couple of times, I used food as part of those stories. Here is a story about angel food cake, and how it reminds me of my grandmother. In later years, I found out that she made it all the time not because they loved it, but because my grandpa had a sensitive stomach and it was one of the things he could eat. I still think of them when I smell it! (Sorry about the photo quality!)

A memory of angel food cake at Grandma's!
A memory of angel food cake at Grandma’s!


Various Jello dishes and memories of them.
The many faces of Jello!


My friend Dani Leonetti, AKA Scrapper On The Street, is an avid photographer who really urges people to capture their everyday life in photos. She prompts us to take photos of things we may normally overlook. I wish she had been around a long time ago, because there have been several things lately that I just can’t remember the way they were, and a simple photo in the room at that time, could tell the tale! Dani has had several online classes and she has a new one starting next week.

Dani is passionate about food! Not just the food, but the meaning we attach to it — the events, the relationships, the traditions, etc. What better time to think of that than holidays and the foods we share; and feel like we can’t have the holidays without them! Listen to her in this video:

Dani’s new Insta-Food, Christmas Edition is starting December 18, and runs until January 1st! I am giving one of the prizes during the event! It will be a free spot in my Art Journaling Basics class, with a twist on how to give photos an artful twist!

Go over to Dani’s Scrapper On the Street site and read more about the Insta-Food, Christmas Edition class, and get signed up!    Hurry and register before you forget!  Use Coupon Code: SCRAPFANS to save $10  Dani is giving away 1 Free Seat to my readers, so use the rafflecopter entry below. If you win the free seat, and have already registered, the money will be refunded. Plus, you can enter once each day before the giveaway closes!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Insta-Summer Adventure

Insta-Summer Adventure

No matter what kind of creating you like to do, you probably take a few photographs along the way! There are always special moments we like to capture, but what about everyday moments? My friend Danielle over at Scrapper On the Street is always full of ideas to help you capture more than just the special events!…Continue Reading