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Wednesday Wonder – Keeping Memories in Travelers Notebook Inserts

Wednesday Wonder – Keeping Memories in Travelers Notebook Inserts

It is amazing how many ways people find themselves doing some sort of memory keeping!

Using Travelers Notebooks for small scrapbooking
Using Travelers Notebooks for small scrapbooking.

Some of us are proud to consider ourselves “scrapbookers,” and others just want to keep a few memories along the way without shouldering the title. In the end, it’s about the stories and the pictures. Sometimes we don’t even have a photo of the actual story we want to tell, but with a little creativity, there is usually some kind of photo or something you can use to illustrate the story. In that case, the story truly is the star.

Traveler’s Notebook Inserts have become quite popular for a variety of uses; journals, bullet journals, lists, mixed media, etc. These inserts are perfect for capturing bits and pieces of daily memories, and they are small enough that they don’t feel as intimidating as a large blank page often does.  Beth from shows how she has used one to save a story from her daughter’s third grade final party. The video is below. Beth has also found that mixed media Traveler’s Notebook were either hard to come by or non-existent, and has started making them and carrying them in her Scrapping Wonders Etsy shop. Stop by if you want to grab one, or more!

Watch as Beth shows us a quick layout in her Traveler’s Notebook.

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