Christmas Crafts Take Over The House!

Christmas Crafts Take Over The House!

7 days until christmasIt is only one week until Christmas! It has been a whirl of craftiness in my home. My husband recently noted than my crafting had begun to creep from my craft room to the dining room table, to the kitchen counter, to the kitchen island, and now it has crept into another nook that has become a sewing/ironing area. I simply told him I am trying to get full use of our home. Those places didn’t even include the place I took over while making cards in the family room, while watching Hallmark channel Christmas movies. Thank goodness he has his own man cave, and really doesn’t care how much room I am using. He is simply happy that I’m USING products and tools.

There is still a lot to do, but I am enjoying the journey. I appreciate some of my crafty friends, and their love of creating decor as well as gifts! Thank goodness for the internet and the ability to connect with so many crafters! The one problem with that, is the fact that we have the opportunity to come across more ideas than we can ever execute. Yet when we have a number of ideas floating in our sub-conscience, there is no end to the new ideas we might come up with!

daughter in candy cane apron
Proud daughter in candy cane apron.

I decided to make some holiday aprons to have on hand when all the family arrives. I’m sure we will have to eat and will be in the kitchen. I recently bought a new sewing machine, and decided that some aprons would be just the thing to start with the get the feel of the new machine. After years of not sewing anything for my kids, because it just wasn’t cool to have anything homemade, you can image my surprise when my youngest daughter expressed how happy she was with “her” apron! I almost fell over! This was a photo she wanted me to take and she shared on social media. I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it was to have one of my kids actually appreciate something I sewed. I guess that is just another difference in having adult children!

Cheers to YOUR Artful Adventures!



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