Easy Monthly Kits

Easy Monthly Kits


Need a creative escape?

Short on time?  (You’re to-do list is longer than the amount of time you have!)

Don’t know what to create?  (You already spend too much time on Pinterest!)

Don’t want to buy a lot of stuff? (The zen/guest/exercise/craft room is already full!)


little red box

Ahhh, I have just the thing for you!

A gorgeous red box will arrive at your door! (A fully decked out paper carriage.)  You open it to find it filled with everything you need… ink, paper, stamps, accessories… all cut and ready to assemble a sweet project!

No mess.  No excess.  No craft-aftermath!

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2 Responses to Easy Monthly Kits

  1. WOW Kristie – This sounds like a great idea…perfect for when you only have a short time to be creative OR grab some kits to take to an all day retreat :) Tell us more about your video bonus…that sounds really intriguing.

    • Debbie, several of us have talked about how easy it would be to order up some kits to have ready to do a quick class, or to even have others order their box and then plan a get together.

      I will be doing a video on how to put together the project as it is sent. I will also be doing an additional video that will offer a little more of a twist and is perhaps geared to those who have a few other items laying around. In other words, an alternate project to include some of your stash! I just love the idea that everything you need comes to your door and is ready to go! All you need is some adhesive!

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