Fall Festivities at the Pumpkin Patch

Fall Festivities at the Pumpkin Patch

The colors and activities of fall are always so wonderful to capture! I feel blessed to live where there are seasonal changes that allow us to capture great outdoor pictures with vibrant hues of yellows, oranges, and reds! This past weekend we went out to Pinehaven Farm to enjoy their fall activities and go out to their pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins!

We had two of our daughters, and their daughters, Princess 1 (14 years old) and Princess 2 (five), with us. The girls decorated small pumpkins as pirates and cats with little sets of adhesive foam cutouts. What a great idea to decorate with stick-ons so that your little pumpkins will last till Halloween and not deteriorate by carving too soon.

A farm has to have animals to be complete, right? Their animals seem like a combination of “regular” farm animals and a zoo. There were miniature horses, (I think I would own one if I was in the country again!) goats with the cutest babies, emus, yaks, sheep, geese, a llama, peacocks….. I don’t even remember what else! Princess 2 was always in a rush to see the next animals before the rest of us were ever finished looking at the ones we were standing in front of.

We rode tractor pulled wagons out the pumpkin patch. Princess 2 barely got off the wagon and found her perfect pumpkin before everyone had even gotten off the wagon. In fact she had to wait for everyone to get off the wagon before racing back up the steps.  She set her pumpkin on her seat and got back down to find another one. We all had fun looking at different shapes and sizes and picking out some other pumpkins. There was some surprise as to how prickly the stems and vines still on the ground were. I heard “Ouch!” more than once.  When we got back to the wagon, Princess 2 spread her arms out, looking around saying, “My pumpkin is gone!” With years of experience under our belts, we braced ourselves to deal with what could be devastation. What were we thinking? She jumped back off the wagon and found another perfect pumpkin just steps away, and quickly climbed back up the steps to take her seat on the wagon. Whew… it’s so nice to have people with a pleasant attitudes!


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  1. I’ll send you some more from this day – between the two of us, we have a wonderful collection of photographic memories!

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