Father’s Day Pinterest Challenge Announcement

Father’s Day Pinterest Challenge Announcement

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Why is it often hard to find a great Fathers’ Day gift?  Let’s share some ideas and come up with some gifts a dad would love receiving!

Several friends and I have participated in a seasonal Pinterest Challenge from over at the Young House Love blog. Their basic idea for the challenge started as a means to challenge people to take an idea they had pinned and actually do it! Imagine that! Since Pinterest is so visual and such a fun way to visit places online that you may not have otherwise found, we have decided to invite everyone to a 2013 Father’s Day Pinterest Challenge, (not sponsored or affiliated with Pinterest.)  We will link our gift ideas, visit, and pin!

This is simply an opportunity to share YOUR creative ideas for Father’s Day, and we’ll start pinning them!  All you have to do, is make something suitable for a Fathers’ Day gift, take pictures, or even better blog about it to tell us more about how you did it.  Meet up back here on Wednesday, May 29th, 10:00 am Eastern, to link up a photos of your project you have made!  (You can even use Flickr if you don’t have a blog.  We will not descriminate against non-bloggers!)

Now put on your thinking caps, roll up your sleeves, and show us what you’ve got! Please keep it PG-rated!  Remember to come back here Wednesday, May 29th, 10:00 AM Eastern Time.   Oh, I almost forgot — TELL YOUR FRIENDS so they can join the fun!

Again, this is not affiliated with Pinterest.com.

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