Four Scrapbook Layouts Using Studio J

Four Scrapbook Layouts Using Studio J

Since I was out of town, but wanted to get a scrapbook page done each day for the Layout A Day challenge, I decided to turn to the Studio J free online software from Close to My Heart. I knew I had plenty of digital photos, and Studio J would be easy to access while I was away!

When I get ready to create a scrapbook page, I often look through my photos and find some that I haven’t done anything with, but I want to make sure the story gets told. This week I created a page of my daughter’s graduation, a firetruck ride my grandson took, and my granddaughter’s t-ball experience last summer, and photos of a crashed car and new car of another daughter.

The most recent event was a graduation.

This layout uses the digital kit, Notebook and the layout is 6-photo, Through the Lens.

firetruck ride scrapbook layoutThis layout of a firetruck ride uses the digital kit, Later SK8R, and the 6-photo layout, Golden Section.

tball digital scrapbook layout
This next layout is my granddaughter while playing t-ball during the summer. This is from the digital kit Discovery, using the 7-photo layout Sweet Symphony. I guess my time spent with cameras shows in my journaling, as I spelled “cannon” as “canon,” making it a camera. Luckily I can go back in and fix the  mistake before I print the pages!

new car scrapbook layout
This final layout shows photos of not only a new car my daughter got, but the reason why. A friend of mine said it was sure a pretty layout for such photos! Might as well make it better looking, right? This layout used the digital kit LaBelle Vie, and the 4-photo layout Leading Lady.

If you’d like to find out more about Studio J and how to use it, please let me know by signing up below and you’ll have access to our live and recorded sessions showing what’s it all about and how to create layouts. During each session, we’ll walk through a specific kit and do a layout! Hope to see you there!



4 Responses to Four Scrapbook Layouts Using Studio J

  1. These layouts are so pretty! I imagine the Studio J software makes them come together easily, yes?

  2. Wow, that’s some cool software! Super fun! I love what you did with it. I like the juxtaposition of the pretty layout with the ugly car crash. Yikes!

    • Jen, that is so funny because you are not the only one who has told me that. I never even thought about that when making the page. My daughter just likes pink and black. Now that it has been mentioned, it is quite the pick for those awful car photos. Thanks for stopping by!

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