Halloween 3-Photo Scrapbook Layout with Buttons and Bows

Halloween 3-Photo Scrapbook Layout with Buttons and Bows

Do you ever feel like you are behind in scrapbooking your pictures?   Don’t feel like everything has to be put into layouts based on a day-by-day, chronological order!

I ran across these cute pictures of our Princess 2 (granddaughter) and thought they would be so cute in a page all together.   Because of all the buttons and bows, it would have been quite heavy and bulky using real product, so this is a digital page.

With all the open space in the layout, you can easily get by with adding the different patterns of paper behind the photo mats.  In this case, the circles help pull together the design with the round buttons of the border.

Notice how some of the buttons are overlapping a bit and the shadows on the buttons are individually adjusted so that they appear more like they are overlapping each other.

The little black bows remind me of little bats – which was a happy accident!

What kind of happy accidents have you had in scrapbooking a layout?

This layout was done with Stampin’Up! My Digital Studio, (MDS).  I receive no compensation for mentioning it.


5 Responses to Halloween 3-Photo Scrapbook Layout with Buttons and Bows

  1. Hi Kristie , that’s a very cute and happy layout :)

    Oh by the way, I recently heard a paperclipping roundtable podcast which is long ago about scrapbooking chronologically or not. I support the no side, because it’s giving us so much constraints! I love the podcast :) Check it out if you haven :)

    • Thanks, Pepper! I, too, enjoy the Paperclipping roundtable podcasts. I don’t get a chance to listen to them all, but I always enjoy the ones I’ve listend to. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. That is so funny about the bows resembling bats. I don’t think I would’ve seen that if you hadn’t mentioned it. I can’t think of any happy accidents – only all the times we’ve had to fix little mess-ups :o) The WORST is when you misspell something and it’s REALLy big on the page. Ha ha ha!

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