Heart Punch Flowers

Heart Punch Flowers

When you participate in any creative activity where there are daily prompts, you just never know what you will come up with!  That is no exception here today!  I have been participating in a daily scrapbooking challenge, while still wanting to give you some fun ideas to use heart punches and die cuts!  Today, I worked in some heart flowers!

Artful Adventures Kristie Sloan LOAD213-1 Heart Punch flowers
Heart punches or die cuts make quick work of creating enough hearts for a project like this.  Buttons create the centers of these hearts, and stitching created the stems.  There is ink sprayed at the bottom of the stems giving it more of a “dirt” look.

This is actually a digital page, and my computer was so slow this afternoon that I really was frustrated.  Normally, it would just not have taken long to make this page either in paper or digital, but it did today.  I just realized I never put leaves on my flowers, as was my original plan.  Did YOU notice?  I’m fine with it as is.  Tell me about a project you were just happy with at some point, even though it wasn’t your plan!

Make some heart flowers and share with us over on the Artful Adventures Facebook Group!


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