Help, I Have Too Many Photos and I Can’t Get Started!

Help, I Have Too Many Photos and I Can’t Get Started!

Do you feel like you have so many pictures that you’ll never get it done?  Do you need some guidance?  How about just moral support?  Over the next few days we are going to discuss how to move forward and have time to get some memories documented.

Step 1:  Be realistic and don’t beat yourself up over all the pictures you want to scrap, but haven’t.  It doesn’t really matter whether your stacks of pictures are of years gone by or just from last month.  The fact is, you probably have more pictures than you’ll ever scrap, and that’s okay!

Don’t look at a mountain of photos and think you are going to have to get them all into albums.  Think of those pictures as your supply.  Just because they are there doesn’t mean you are going to use all of them.  They are your source.  Just like going to the grocery store doesn’t mean you bring one of every item home for dinner; having all those pictures doesn’t mean each one will make it into a layout.  For example, in this age of digital photography, we are taking more and more photos, and often feeling more behind than when we had to have film developed!  You may have 50+ pictures of a child’s birthday that are all “wonderful,” but even if you did one page with the best photo, or even two or three, you’d have that special event captured on a page!   So don’t let your quantity of pictures overwhelm you from the beginning!

Watch for Step 2 in this series, “Be a Photo Time Traveler.”

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