Layout-A-Day, May 2014

Layout-A-Day, May 2014

It’s another month of the challenge from to create a scrapbook page each day this month! Whether I complete the challenge or not, I’ll have more pages done than I would normally have. Participating is always fun because we post photos of our pages in a group on Flickr.

During these challenges, I have created many pages about my own life. If I don’t tell my story, who will? The daily prompts of LOAD inspire stories that I would probably not have thought about on my own. All of the members different pages are so diverse and it is always fun to see the different stories created from the same prompt of the day.

Today, I went WAY back in my story — the year I was born! With the internet, it is fairly easy to come up with all kinds of facts for a page like this. has a great feature called “Time Capsule.” All you do is just pop in the date and it pull together all kinds of facts about headlines, songs, prices of day-to-day items and more.  Here’s a look at my page.

LOAD514-01-Kristie Sloan

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