Magical Marker Mystery Tour

Magical Marker Mystery Tour

Where does the time slip away to?  It is already time for another FUN, informative class with the fantastic Joanne Sharpe!  You have to love the internet with its wide array of classes and virtual places to meet and hang out with new friends with similar interests!  Joanne’s class, Magical Marker Mystery Tour, started today and will run for 4 weeks if you play along in “real time” with the rest of the group.

Her lessons will come out three days for each of the weeks, with 5 lessons each week.  She uses video and shares pdf files.  This class promises to continue on the information she has shared in previous classes, yet don’t feel that you must have already taken other classes.  One of the great things about Joanne’s classes is her ability to give you information so that you can just jump in and run with the class you have chosen.  This class is going to cover several kinds/brands of markers.  She will show the differences in how each can be used and what they may work best for in your art projects.

Joanne says her classes are like buying a book; you buy it and it is yours to keep going back to over and over again.  Not all online classes offer that availability, which really provides great value when you consider the fact that you can keep going over the lessons time after time if you want to.

Besides the training videos she does, Joanne has started creating a Facebook page for each class group.  It has been so inspiring to meet artists from all over the world and see their work as they upload pictures of their take on the lessons!  If you ever wanted to learn more about different kinds of markers, jump in and join us!

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