Mixed Media From Your Scrapbook Stash

Mixed Media From Your Scrapbook Stash

Do you have trouble with a starting point to create a piece of mixed media? Maybe you’ve never even tried to create one yet! Never fear, here’s a quick idea to get you going. Getting started can be as easy as looking through your decorative papers. Yes, that can be scrapbook paper. When you use scrapbook paper, or a paper pack, you automatically have a color palette to start with!

skylark paper
A sheet of paper from the Close to My Heart Skylark papers

Today, I decided to grab a sheet of Skylark paper from Close to My Heart (CTMH). This piece of paper is unique because it has a lot of elements that one might put on a mixed media piece, but they are already on one piece of paper. I finally decided to still go ahead and tear the page unto pieces as I adhered them to an 8” x 10” canvas. I wanted to give it more texture than just one flat piece of paper. When adhering your papers to your surface, make sure you are gluing both underneath the papers, as well as coating the top after you lay them down. Today I used DecoArt Americana Decoupage Glue with a matte finish to adhere the papers to the canvas panel.

skylark mixed media pt 1
8″ x 10″ Canvas Panel covered with torn paper.

I like to tear the paper, as opposed to cutting all the edges. That way, they seem to lay a little flatter and blend together better.

skylark mixed media pt 2
Random pieces of torn paper layered to create texture and interest.

I then decided that to add three more areas to give it a little more interest from the pattern on the reverse side.

skylark mixed media pt 3
Additional pieces added from reverse side of paper to add more design and color.

Since I didn’t want to wait for everything to air dry, I used my heat tool to speed the process along. If you don’t put the decoupage glue on too thick, it really doesn’t take too long to dry! I just get in a hurry to get on with my projects! All dry – let’s move on! I grabbed a couple of coordinating ink pads and sponged the color on in random areas. There is no right or wrong, just get started. I love how color catches on the edges of the torn papers, giving definition to some of the torn shapes.

skylark mixed media pt 4
Coordinating ink sponged on.

Next, I used stamps with StazOn ink to add all kinds of stamping. Don’t worry if some of it is not perfect. This is not a project that needs perfection. To tone it down, I used just a bit of white acrylic paint on some bubble wrap and then randomly “stamped” it around the piece.

skylark mixed media pt 5
Stamped images added using StazOn ink.

I had cut out a bird from my original paper and created a little branch of brown paper. Then I was stuck, it just needed something else. Words. It needed words! I went back to look at the stamps and decided to use “Live In The Moment.” It was stamped on another sheet of the coordinating paper of the Skylark paper pack before it was adhered to the piece.

skylark mixed media pt 6
Bird cut from original paper. Phrase stamped on additional paper before adding to piece.

I used a fine line black marker and went around the lettering of the Live In The Moment to give it a bit more definition. I used some markers and added some color to the bird, rubbing and blending colors. The bird and the phrase both got some color blended on the outer edges to help them stand out a bit more. This is how it looked at that point.

skylark mixed media pt 7
White acrylic paint used to tone down the stamped images. More detailing with markers and blending.

When I took it outside to photograph it to get better color in the photo, I thought I was finished. When I looked at the photos, I realized I had never stepped far enough away from the work to see what it looked like. It seemed unfinished and the work I had done the make the bird and phrase stand out seemed like they just drew attention to them in a not so positive way! So, back to for more work.

I added more ink, more white paint, blended, dabbled, and finally decided it still needed something more toward the bottom left. I cut some additional strips of coordinating paper and also added some additional stamping. Then I added even more ink and white paint. I used an empty paper towel tube to make ink random ink rings.After stepping back several times, I decided I would call it done. It is amazing how many layers of artsy goodness can go into a finished piece!

skylarkmixed media kristie sloan artful adventures

I tried to keep the products to a minimum for this project to show that you don’t have to have a room full of products to try your hand at mixed media! What will you try? Be sure to share your artsy/craftsy projects with us over at the Facebook Artful Adventures Group!

Here are items used for this project:


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