KS profile_lfJust so you know, this is not necessarily an artsy post today. I always have mixed feelings about sharing too much of my life in a blog post, and yet balancing that with letting you know me. So today, it’s a little more personal.

After suffering for years with Alzheimers, and being in care for six years, my dad passed away in mid January. These diseases that keep people hanging on, with no quality of life, are so cruel. Here is a post where I talked some about my dad. My husband and I, along with our three daughters, moved from Colorado to Minnesota 26 years ago. So during my dad’s illness, it was not always easy helping my mother from 1,000 miles away. I’m not sure how I would have ever done it without the help of my oldest daughter, Kathy. She was often able to go help and check on things when I was not able to go.

At the very end of last year, my husband and I decided we would go back to Colorado. My husband works from home, and the stars must have been aligned correctly because most all of our family is going to be able to move back as well! Leaving my grandkids in Minnesota was nothing I ever wanted to do!

We are now trying to get our home, as well as a daughter’s home ready to put up for sale. We are in a whirlwind of activity, doing MAJOR downsizing. Think just a bit larger than “tiny home” size. I was doing well until I started in my studio. All I can say about that is, YIKES! My art and scrapbooking supplies were not an area I planned to downsize, and it may be a lot harder to deal with than I first thought! Plus living in a home for 20 years, which was 20 years old when we moved in, is requiring some updates to plan for a quick sale. I may not have as much time to create and post here, but I am thinking about it most of the time. I hope you will enjoy posts like yesterday, where I share ideas from others! If I come up with any great ideas for organizing supplies to move, I’ll be sure to share those!

Take care, and Cheers to YOUR Artful Adventures!



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