One Sheet Mini Album, Part 2 – Any Size

I promised you I would show you how to make the One Sheet Mini-album using any size paper.  So here it is. I hope it’s not too confusing, but I think that you will get the idea and understand how you can size your pages and number of pages according to your sheet size. Disclaimers: 1.) I do not anticipate any cinematography awards for this. 2.) There is a reason I am not a hand model. If you missed the first video with the instructions, you can see it here.

During the rest of this week I’m going to share some information about some online classes and give you a chance for a special deal on those classes for the next few days. These could make some great gifts or you might like to just take advantage of them for yourself!

The first week of January will begin our series of using our supplies in different ways. Whether you’re stuck with a lot of supplies you’re just not using and have a lot on hand or you just want some ideas to use your supplies in different ways, I think you’re going to enjoy the series.

If you make some of these I hope you come over to the Artful Adventures Facebook Group and share what you’ve done we would love to see it. Speaking of the Facebook group, I hope that you will come over and join the group. It’s a group meant to share what you’re working on. I hope that we can encourage each other to try new things. Design and techniques can flow from one art to another. You can’t think of yourself as “just a scrapbooker,” or “just a stamper,” because it requires thought and design, which actually makes you a scrapbook artist, or a card designer!  What if you add in even more art techniques or types of products you use? Wouldn’t that be fun and perhaps make you feel even more creative?  Well get ready because we are going on some Artful Adventures!

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