One Sheet Mini-Album

Here is a quick way to make a mini-album from just a single sheet of paper.  This episode will show you how to create the booklet from either cardstock or patterned paper.  Double sided patterned paper is my favorite for this project because you get to see both sides in different areas of your little book!

Although this sample has a definite holiday theme you can create one for any occasion, or any reason!  You can use little pictures, sayings or quotes, journaling, a tiny art journal… you get to decide!

What better way to use bits and pieces to embellish this little album, than pull from your stash!  Plus, what are you ever going to do with all that patterned paper you are “saving” for just the right project!  Come on, use one!  This IS the project a perfect piece of paper has been waiting for!  Wow, say that fast several times!  Create something fun, and then come over and join and post to our new Artful Adventures Facebook Group.

The next episode will show you how to use different sized of paper, other than a 12×12 sheet.  You will also learn how to determine the number of pages and the page sizes when creating your one sheet mini-album from any size paper!

A printable tutorial, along with 13 other great tutorials is available upon a donation to the American Heart Association through, “Scrappers Give Thanks 2012″. Hurry, it’s only available through December 25, 2012!

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  1. What a wonderful tutorial Kristie, I think this would be great for me to make and let the kids write some of the reasons why they love their grandparents so much.

  2. This is so charming & ingenious! Have a million ideas what I might do with this – What a great project to do with a group, like Girl Scouts, or a club of some sort… love it! Your instructions were very clear, too (always appreciated) :~)

    • Thanks for stopping by! I agree, there are so many ways to use this idea. I’ll be adding a sequel to this, which contains information on how to use any size paper as well as more information about different page sizes and numbers of pages! Have fun!

  3. I really enjoyed this video tutorial! What an easy way to make something quick and easy! This is a project that is easily adapted to a person’s own style, too. I can see people using it for a mini sports album, a Christmas or other holiday album, a “visiting grandma” album, a slumber party album, a birthday album, or just about anything.

    I could see myself using my Kodak Picture Mate Zoom to make smaller versions of pictures to use in this album, too.

    Thanks, Kristie, for a great little project!

    • Marcia, thank you so much for your comments! The ease of adaptability is exactly why I didn’t go into much detail about decorating, etc. I agree, it has so many possibilities and can be really very quick. Like many demonstrations, it takes much longer in the demo than it does in reality to make the basic little album! Stop by any time! Have a great New Year!

  4. Oh my gosh Kristie! How very cute! I’ll be revisiting your video on youtube (I subscribed!) and I can see me making quite a few of these, ideas already around in my head as to what to use them for!
    I was doing some catching up on the ScrapHappier Blog Hop and got delayed here and I’m so glad I found your video and FB group too!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

    • I just had to pop back by Kristie and let you know I finally got around to making this cute little album and used a double-sided print that I won from you in LOAD. So so cute!
      Love the package I got from you. I can see using it ALOT!
      Thank you so much for the gift for LOAD AND this tutorial!

  5. […] Contact You Are Here: Home » Blog » Scrapbooking, Tutorials » One Sheet Mini Album, Part 2 – Any Size One Sheet Mini Album, Part 2 – Any SizePosted on December 20, 2012 by Kristie Sloan • 1 CommentI promised you I would show you how to make the One Sheet Mini-album using any size paper.  So here it is. I hope it’s not too confusing, but I think that you will get the idea and understand how you can size your pages and number of pages according to your sheet size. Disclaimers: 1.) I do not anticipate any cinematography awards for this. 2.) There is a reason I am not a hand model. If you missed the first video with the instructions, you can see it here. […]

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