Organize Your Stash of Arts and Crafts Supplies

washi tape first aidMost of us have seen the many little funny quotes about crafty messes, and they ring true for so many of us! I am guilty of running to my craft room, quickly getting something done, and running right back out with the completed item. Did you notice I didn’t say anything about cleaning up? Gasp! I didn’t do anything. I have even been guilty of going back in to find I didn’t even get something closed like it should have been, returning to find it totally ruined! I just hate it when that happens, and I have been trying to be much more careful about that!

Last year, my husband gave up his home office for me. Yes, I’m spoiled! But he is so neat and tidy, and easily keeps my previous area clean! Now I can just close the door and he doesn’t have to look at it! I have worked to get everything organized, but sometimes it’s hard to keep it that way.

My friend, Margareta Carlsson from Organize Your Stash has started a fantastic list of prompts for getting these artsy supplies organized. She is sending out daily prompts to spend just 15 minutes each day working on getting your things in order! That’s right, JUST 15 minutes! Image how many hours that equals in a year. You do the math, I don’t like to! I’m sure it’s more than I usually would spend!

What will your area look like after a year?  Hurry on over to her site and sign up to get your marching orders each day!

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