Paper Piecing and Paint

Paper Piecing and Paint

If you are familiar with quilting or needlework, you may recognize this little sunbonnet girl.  Sunbonnet girls were very popular in quilting and to embroider on dishtowels.  This is based on an old pattern, and was such a fun project for me!  It’s sentimental in a number of ways.  My grandmother did a lot of quilting, and my mom loves hanging clothes outside.

I actually created this piece for my mom.  Her clothes lines hang next to my old playhouse, and there are clematis vines that grow on the side. Paper piecing as well as painting, and a few rub-ons are included in this piece.  I was afraid the clematis flowers may be a bit too much, but that is actually the way they look!

Paper piecing is such a great way to use up scraps of your patterned paper!

If you run across some vintage patterns, you may want to think about using them in this way!



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  1. Wow, Kristie! This is so impressive! I remember sunbonnet girls were very popular when I was growing up in the 70’s. I am sure your mom will love this. Thank you for linking up to the Patterned Paper Palooza!

    • Kelli, these sunbonnet girls were much older than when you grew up! I think there are some kind of little girls in big sun bonnets during many time frames. There were the type I did here, and I can think of Holly Hobby, and then the Strawberry Shortcake girls, too! Thanks for stopping by!

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