Ready, Set, Scrap

Ready, Set, Scrap

Today is another special month to some of us as we again band together to each complete at least a layout each day each day for the whole month!  Our fearless leader, Lain Ehmann, will be providing scrapbooking prompts for LOAD512 Scrapbooking Outside the Box.  Lain’s blog at and her regular podcasts provide inspiration and fun!

During our last LOAD in February, I didn’t post every layout.  I’ll try to do better this month.

Here is a page from today’s prompt — a self portrait.  I find it difficult to scrapbook about myself, but if don’t do it, who will.  I wish I had stories from other women in my family who are no longer with us to share their stories.  I’ll share mine, while I am here and can remember some of them!

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