Rotating Backgrounds or Templates 90 or 180 degrees

Rotating Backgrounds or Templates 90 or 180 degrees

Whether it’s a template or a background for your art, simply rotating it can give you a whole new look or feel to the project.

Donna Downey’s new series, Canvas Create 2012, looks like it will fun!  I decided to join the fun and while I was watching the January episode, and then working on my own art piece, it made me think about how a simple rotation of a piece can give it a whole different spin!

After finishing my background, I turned it several ways, and decided I liked it a whole lot better turned a different direction than the way I had originally painted it!

Rotating a template for a scrapbook page can also give you a different look, especially if you are working with digital.  You can even do a mirror image flip and have work better for what you may be using it for.  That is especially helpful if you are working on a two-page spread and the template just doesn’t seem to be working.  If you aren’t working in digital, you can still use a template as your guide or map for your page.  Look at these four pages, and think about how many options you could create with just the different areas for pictures, journaling, paper, or embellishments!  I don’t like to have to do statistics and scrapbooking — but I’m sure you get the idea!

scrapbook sketches rotated
Rotate scrapbook sketches for different looks.

…and the mirror images…

rotating scrapbook sketches_mirrored
Mirrored image of rotated sketches give even more options!


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  1. […] It not fun to play alone!  Here is my page I’ve made for the iScrap-n-Snap April challenge.  Once you see the sketch, you’ll notice that I turned the sketch 90 degrees so that it would better fit my pictures. You could also you 2 or 3 pictures and use 1 or 2 of the areas for journaling. That’s the beauty of a sketch!  You can really do so many things with it. We talked about varying how you might use a template here. […]

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