Scrapbook Page a Day – Prepping for LOAD215

Scrapbook Page a Day – Prepping for LOAD215

Creating at least one scrapbook page each day of the month is not as difficult or crazy as it may sound at first. Especially if you are doing it with a group of people! LOAD 215 is just around the corner and that is exactly what we will be doing, creating a LayOut A Day. Each day we receive a prompt to interpret any way we choose, or we can just create a page of whatever we like. The goal is to get at least one scrapbook layout done each day.

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How in the world can you be prepared to create scrapbook pages for ideas yet to come? That’s a great question and here are some things I wish I had known before my first LOAD event.

  • Whether you are a paper scrapper or digital scrapper, I think one of the most important things is to take a look at what you have for photos and supplies. Even though I think I am a faster paper scrapper, I usually create digital pages during LOAD. I guess I like the flexibility it affords me, because of the number of kits I have available.
    • Browse through your kits and supplies for a brief review of what you already own! There is no need to spend more money if you already have a stash! You will find that by just reviewing your supplies, you’ll retain that info and be able to more quickly pull together a page.
    • Look at your photos. The same holds true about browsing your photos, and being able to think of a photo that may fit a prompt. When you’ve recently looked at your photos, you’ll think of something that will fit a prompt.
  • If you are paper scrapping, make sure you have plenty of adhesive and sharp blades for your paper trimmer!
  • Listen to the prompt as early as possible each day. That way, it may give you some extra time to process an idea before you actually sit down to create your page.
  • Join the Flickr group and share your pages! It is so much fun to see individual pages, and learn more about our online friends!
  • Don’t compare your work to other people’s. It’s not a contest. If all you did was put the photos on notebook paper and wrote something about the photo, or the story behind it, it would be a perfect page. In the end, it’s all about the photos and the words!
  • If you fall behind, don’t beat yourself up. Life happens! Just pick up and move forward. No matter how many pages you complete during LOAD, it will probably be more than if you had not participated. So be proud of yourself!

If I decide to do some paper scrapbooking during this LOAD, I am excited to already have some of my Close To My Heart Workshop On the Go kits on-hand. They not only include a paper pack, but even have layout instructions for two double layouts, along with embellishments and a special stamp set. How easy can it get?

If you are participating in LOAD 215, I wish you many completed pages!

Here are more helpful hints I’ve talked about before other previous LOAD events: LOAD212  LOAD 213

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Cheers to YOUR creativity!


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21 Responses to Scrapbook Page a Day – Prepping for LOAD215

  1. Great tips, Kristie! I think it’s key to listen to the prompt early. I end up planning my page throughout the day before I even get to my paper. Can’t wait to see what you create!

  2. Love your suggestions Kristie! Especially the don’t compare your pages to others one. Comparison is a great way to take the fun out of anything.

  3. Great reminder about fresh trimmer blades – I always remember adhesive but I’ll have to run out and get another blade just in case. Thanks for the reminder and the other great tips!

  4. Awesome tips, Kristie! I especially agree on the “listen to the prompt as early as possible” tip – I actually listen to it before I go to bed :) Sometimes I even wake up with a great idea, ready to go with a plan in mind! Can’t wait to see what you create in February! xoxo

    • I try to listen before bed, but sometimes I’m in bed before it comes! I know what you mean about waking up with the idea! Isn’t that amazing? The mysterious workings of the brain!

  5. Very good advice about making comparisons. It always seems to happen when we are a bit down. Thanks for the reminder. We are all in this together and always willing to lift up a sister. Looking forward to scrapping with you.

    • Lynnette, I think we all get down on ourselves, some more often than others. Scrapbooking is especially an activity to realize it is OUR OWN, and any page we get done, is pretty darn special!

  6. Well, I get the prompt at around 7 in the morning so I try to read it before going to work but then I DO get the midnight Pacific advantage of that being the next morning for me – I used that for the first time ever last October! Your tip about not comparing yourself to others is so true! Great post

  7. Kristie some great tips there :) I like the way you ended it: “I am excited to already have some of my Close To My Heart Workshop On the Go kits
    on-hand. They not only include a paper pack, but even have layout
    instructions for two double layouts, along with embellishments and a
    special stamp set. How easy can it get?” This is such a great idea! Oh I have lots of these kits and this just might be the best time to use them :) Thank you for that insight :)

    • Tina, by all means use kits you have! We have a number of people in LOAD who also make their own kits from leftovers and loose items. I have not tried that yet, but it looks intriguing!

      • That is what I usually do is make my kits with CKC but to the CTMH kits sounds very appealing too, Plan to dig them out this Saturday since I read your post. Have them out and ready to use :)

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