Scrapbooking a Story Without an Exact Photo

Scrapbooking a Story Without an Exact Photo

In the scheme of telling your own story on scrapbook pages, you may come across stories for which you have no exact photo. What do you do? Should you just forget telling the story? No, no, no! TELL the story anyway.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a paragraph can tell the story with or without the photo. Today, I wanted to tell about my first bedroom that was such a beautiful place for a little girl! I don’t know of a single picture that exists of that room. We moved from that home when I was seven years old, and my next bedrooms looked nothing like it. What to do, what to do.

The room was lavender and white, so I used that as the main color scheme for my page! The story was told, and a picture added from that timeframe of my childhood.

LOAD514-Day 2
The story includes how my mom was refinishing furniture before it was even trendy! She refinished an iron and brass bed, painting it white. The bed was repainted yellow for my own girls, and then used by my first granddaughter! I’m sure my mom didn’t have any idea how many little girls would use that bed frame!

The story of the bed frame will probably get another visit on future pages, because I know there are pictures of it in the girls’ rooms. Just because I told about the bed once, doesn’t mean I can’t tell it again. After all, it will somebody else’s story!

What ways have used to tell a story without an exact photo for the story?


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