Simple Ideas and Prompts for Art Journaling and Scrapbooks

Simple Ideas and Prompts for Art Journaling and Scrapbooks

Do you ever feel like you just need a little nudge getting starting on a scrapbook page, or an art journal page? Let’s talk about that for just a minute! The other day, I announced that you could get a page of Inspiration Starters for free.  It has 45 prompts that you can use for either scrapbooking or art journaling. Today, let’s talk a little bit about prompts and inspiration.

Kristie Sloan Ink and Paint Blots
Simple prompts make YOU use YOUR CREATIVITY, like an ink blot test!

Some people like to have an idea spelled out for them, in kind of a “take this and do that with it” way. Since I like to urge you to stretch your creative wings, my inspiration prompts are a little more random that that. They are more like those ink blot tests!

If I say “BLUE,” what would you think of?  There are many ways you could go with a prompt or idea that is just as simple as one word. Here are some things you might come up with for blue:

  • the sky
  • feeling “blue”
  • baby boy blue
  • your car may be blue
  • a favorite piece of clothing
  • color of your house
  • a room in your home
  • a new art product you just bought
  • the blue eyes of someone special
  • the nursery rhyme “Little Boy Blue”
  • your phone may have a blue cover and spend a lot of time on it
  • your favorite shade of blue
  • … etc., etc., etc.

See what I mean? That’s what is so fun about getting less information with a prompt! When YOU come up with what you are going to do with the prompt, it is truly YOUR idea!  So go ahead and get the sheet of “nudging” right now! When you let me know you want the sheet of prompts, you’ll even get a new sheet every month!  By the way, blue is not on this list!

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  1. My mind needs a workout now and then and I love the idea of a simple word to make me and help me be my creative self and not a blueprint of someone else’s work!
    Great post Kristie!

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