Simple, Perfect Bows

It is so amazing to have you join me on each of these Artful Adventures. I really want to make sure to show you ideas you can get some use from!  That’s why today’s discovery is about learning a nifty method for a simple, perfect bows!  Some people feel like they are all thumbs when it comes to tying a bow.  I have always felt pretty adequate in this area, and loved tying those big bows on the back of my girls dresses when they were young.  However, I was never really able to show or articulate how I did it.  My dad always said I did something kind of odd in the way that I did it.  (Wouldn’t you know an old sailor would know if you were tying the perfect knot or bow!)  Anyway, watch as my friend Georgia Giguere shows you the most clever way to just about get a perfect bow EVERY time!  You will love this method for your projects!  Seriously, you are going to love this!

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