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Halloween Scrapbook Double Layout, Buttons & Bows, Take 2

Halloween Scrapbook Double Layout, Buttons & Bows, Take 2

This Halloween page uses the same layout on the left page that I showed you in yesterday’s post.  However this layout was done so each of the grandkids could have copies.  Having to have pages for more than one person of the same events is another great reason to do a digital layout!  Thought I would show you a double page layout so you could see the finished layout.

You can see that this actually covers two different years. By the time I got to the page on the right, I had decided the little black bows reminded me of bats, so I just added them onto the page with that intent.  Also, the white button is a “moon.”

Just take it a layout at a time!  Have you run across some favorite pictures from years ago that you want to get on pages?  

Twist a Tried and True Color Combination

For a new twist on a project, why not start with a tried and true color combination from a holiday, on a non-holiday related project.  Here is page that has summer pictures, with a red and green theme.  This one has quite a bit of red and green, but you could use one color predominantly,…Continue Reading