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Mini House Thank You Treat Box

Mini House Thank You Treat Box

Welcome to another Make It Monday blog hop. I’ll link back to Connie Hanks’ project if you missed it, and also point you to the next stop on the blog hop at the end of this post. This week is a Thanksgiving theme, so I’ve come up with something you can use throughout the holiday season!

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Today’s project is a treat box made from one 12″x12″ sheet of patterned paper. I thought that with the holidays quickly approaching, this would be a great little trick to have on hand for those last minute needs. When I first saw this idea, the shape reminded me of a miniature house, and I immediately wanted to decorate it like that. If you have a lot of extra paper on hand, projects like this are perfect for using your stash. I’m not even sure where I got the paper I used for the main part of this box.

Before I get started showing you how I decorated my “house,” I’m going to show you the video where I first saw the idea. Julie Comstock describes it so well I decided to just let her do the heavy lifting here!


For Review:

  • First take the 12″x12″ paper and score it at 3 ” and 9″.
  • Turn the paper 90 degrees and score at 5″ and 7 “

Now, this is where I decided I better do my home decorating, or it would be too tricky to try and do it once the box took shape. The features you use for the house need to be between the 3″ and 9″ score lines, so that you are in the middle 6″ across the width of the paper.

mini house gift box outside decor
Begin the decorating between the 3″ and 9″ score.

I used a ruler to trace the outline of my door, which runs only 2 1/2 inches from the fold line. You want to leave plenty of room at the top because that is where you’ll be putting the “roof.”  The images are stamped in black from the Close To My Heart Thanksgiving Hostess set.

Next I cut a little door from kraft colored paper, at 2.5″ x 1.5″. Bronze Shimmer Trim was used to create the three little windows on the door. The door knob is from of the Bronze Sparkles.

mini house gift box door
Kraft cardstock, shimmer trim and a sparkle complete the door.

The roof was created from a piece of paper cut to 4″ x 6″. I cut this one at 4.5″ wide so that I had a little excess to use a scalloped edge punch along the long edges. If you are going to punch the edges, it is easier to score the middle of the paper before you punch the edges so that you get the true middle of the paper.

mini house gift box roof
Cut at 4.5″ x 6″, and score the center before you use a decorative punch along the long edges.

Fold your roof over the top edge of your box, and secure all the layers together so they can be punched at the same time to have your holes lined up.

Secure all layers and punch holes in the roof.
Secure all the layers at the top of your box and roof to punch holes.

Fill your box with your treats. Be sure to use appropriate food safe plastic bags, parchment paper, or deli paper to keep the contents together and keep any oils from getting on the box.

Fill the box, using food safe plastic or papers
Fill the box, using food safe plastic or papers.


If you like, you can ink the edges on the roof before securing it over the top of the box. Put the roof on and now you can use whatever ribbon or fibers you have on hand to thread the holes you made and secure the roof over the box, to keep your treats safe inside! I used some bakers twine for this house, and here is the end result.

Mini house gift box for treats


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