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Tool Tip Tuesday – Mouse Pad

If you have a mouse pad around, you can use it as a crafting tool! Here are a couple of ways to get some use out of a mouse pad.

A mouse pad can be helpful in the craft room!
A mouse pad can be helpful in the craft room!

Turning a mouse pad over so that the spongy side is facing up, and you’ve got the perfect surface to use for stamping with acrylic stamps which don’t have a built in cushion.

  • Place your paper on top of the mouse pad
  • Place the acrylic stamp on an acrylic block
  • Add ink to your stamp
  • Gently but firmly stamp your image, and remove
  • Voila! A great image!

A mouse pad can also be the perfect tool to use with a piercing tool. Those piercing tools are sharp and can quickly poke and gouge into your work surface. There are sets available which include a mat to use with a piercing tool, but they are usually small. By using a mouse pad, you’ve got a much larger protective piece to work on. So if you’re doing paper piercing as a decorative element, or you are just poking a starter hole for a brad, try out a mouse pad!

How have you used a mouse pad in your craft room?

Cheers to YOUR Artful Adventures!


Simple, Perfect Bows

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