Tell YOUR Own Stories – not just your family’s!

KS-smOver the past couple of years, there seems to be a real trend in scrapbooking circles of telling everyday stories. We learned that it gets tiring to just capture the high points of the year, as they tend to just look the same, everyone is just older! I mean really, how many photos of a kid and a birthday cake look different? Or how many holiday photos with someone looking down at a gift they are opening do you need? People are learning that sharing snippets of life, and everyday stories is more true to capturing what our lives are about. Not only our families’ lives, but especially our own individual stories!

My nature, my mom seems to be a basic scrapbooker. She has gone through all the old photos she has and written who the people are on the backs, and has slipped into albums. Even though it would be easier to enjoy the pictures if we could see the picture and read the info without having to slide the photo out and read it, at least the info is there! I know that is a lot more information than some people have of their families, and I am grateful for her efforts! However, we are missing the stories.

sample my story
This story is about making my wedding cake, and how I burned up two mixers while taking cake decorating classes; and chose to make a spice cake with cream cheese icing!

During the last two or three years, I have been making more pages about myself, telling my own story. At first it seemed a little odd to telling about myself instead of my kids. However, it always was so fun to see my kids read one of the pages and say, “I didn’t know that!” Imagine, I was Kristie, before I was ever a wife, mother, or grandmother!

If you are thinking that you could never tell your own stories, or you don’t even know where you would start, I have a great plan for that! I’ll be joining scrapbooking friends online during May, where we will get prompts to create pages! Trust me, you never know where the prompt will lead your thoughts for a page! I have had some of the best pages and stories come from this process.

Whether you have stories that are short, fun, long, or hard… they are YOUR stories to tell. Head over and check out LOAD 514 (Layout A Day). It is for all levels of scrapbookers, and all types (digi, hybrid, etc.). I invite you to join us. It will change the way you think about scrapbooking. Hurry over, learn more, and capture the Early Bird discount available for the next few days!

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