Tell Your Untold Stories

Tell Your Untold Stories

If you are a scrapbooker, you are probably documenting special moments of your family and friends.  How often are you including your own story in those pages?  Probably not as often as you should!

YOUR story is important — the good and the bad, happy and sad.  It’s all about your life.  There is so much I wish I knew about other people in my family from previous generations. Just a glimpse into their lives would be interesting.  If you are fortunate enough to have some family heritage pictures, do you know who the people are in the pictures, or any little stories about them?  In the end, it’s the stories and the pictures that are important.

Made with digi kit Waiting for the Sun by Stephanie Ogren

If you run across a picture that has a little bit of a back story, why not get that down on paper with the picture?  It doesn’t matter if the pictures are perfect.  An imperfect picture is better than no picture if that’s all you have!

Here is a page I made from the first day’s prompt for the LayOutaDay challenge that tells about our wedding cake.  It’s not a photographer’s shot of the cake, it’s a picture of the cake while still on the kitchen table.  I had been taking cake decorating lessons during the year before we got married, and a special wedding cake class.  From making all the icing for my classes, I had ended up burning up the motors in both my mom’s hand mixer, as well as my future mother-in-laws!  By the time it was time to make the wedding cake, I had to use my grandmother’s stand mixer.

I had never seen or heard of anything other than white wedding cake, but I wanted our to taste good and I decided to make it a spice cake.  Not sure if there are any superstitions about the flavor of your wedding cake, but it seems to be good luck, as we have been married now for 35 years!

What pictures do you have that remind you of an untold story?

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