Tool Tip Tuesday – Cosmetic Sponges

Tool Tip Tuesday – Cosmetic Sponges

Have you ever thought about the fact that using colored cosmetics is like doing artwork on your face? Well, I think so, anyway! One of the tools of makeup application is the cosmetic sponge. It may be a lowly little tool on its own, but it can work magic with application techniques. Not only are sponges handy in front of the mirror, they can be just as useful on your art table!

Cosmetic sponges can serve a multitude of purposes in arts and crafts.
Cosmetic sponges can serve a multitude of purposes in arts and crafts.


Sea sponges and synthetic, manufactured sponges that are made to resemble sea sponges are often used in art. However, a bag of cosmetic sponges is usually rather inexpensive in comparison. Plus, the are often already available in our makeup bag!

What can you do with a sponge? Here are some ideas:

  • Use damp to apply and smooth on paint
  • Remove paint as needed
  • Create texture by using different motions with the sponge
  • Snip the sponge into a shape for a “stamp”
  • Use to apply paint or ink with stencils
  • Apply ink to edges, or buff over a project
  • Use as a blending tool
  • Use as a blotter for your paintbrush while watercoloring
  • Use for an extra applicator with PanPastels
  • Use as disposable applicator for any product

What else can you think of that may be a good idea to use a small sponge for? We would love to hear your ideas.

Cheers to YOUR Artful Adventures!


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  1. Cheap sponges are great for ‘painting’ fabric instead of using brushes. It means the paint is not too thick and also no brush marks! Tip: if needing straight lines use masking tape.

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