Twelve Days of Christmas Cards

Twelve Days of Christmas Cards

My friend, Carol Cassel from Scrapbook Campus, wanted to offer templates/sketches for 12 Days of Christmas Cards. She wanted to have a variety of cards to go with her templates, so she enlisted the help of friends! Be sure to sign up to her list so you’ll get all the card ideas. The emails go out each morning, so if you’re just starting on day 5, you may end up getting your first email the morning of the 6th. Don’t worry if you’ve missed the first ones, as she will give access to all of them at the end!

Here is the card template/sketch Carol provided for Day 5. As you can see, these ideas can certainly be used for ANY occasion!
Scrapbook Campus-Card 05


After some consideration, I decided to use the idea from a graphic I’d seen which had three stockings on it. So instead of limiting myself to using the circles in the top section, I simply used the idea of three things. So here is what I started with, the card base and three little paper stockings. Now, don’t let little paper stocking stop you in your tracks! If nothing else, draw them and cut them out! That is an easy shape and they don’t have to be perfect!

Card base and three Christmas stockings
Card base and three stockings


I wanted them to appear as if they were hung up, so here’s what I did…Artful Adventures Christmas stocking card

  • Went to my stash and dug out darling little clothes pins!
  • Used a length of embroidery floss and made triple knots near the ends, so that I could hide glue dots attaching it to the card.
  • Hung the stockings. Placed foam dots beneath the stockings to adhere them to the card and give them support. This also allowed the weight to not be pulling from the string.

Now that I could see how low the stocking would hang, I could decide how much space I would have for the bottom section of the card. It wasn’t nearly as much as in the sketch, but that’s okay! It was just enough to add something. I don’t know about you, but song titles and lyrics often come to mind when I’m working on something, and this was one of those times. Once I decided on my phrase

  • I measured how much room I was going to have and simply typed it up and printed the phrase on my printer!
  • Then I cut it out to the correct dimensions and adhered it to my card.

Now for the envelope.


I used white as the base of the envelope, and attached the same patterned paper from the stockings, to the curve.

Adhered matching paper to the back curved flap.
Adhered matching patterned paper to the back curved flap.

If you already have envelopes to use, simple use a bit of patterned paper on the back to make it a bit more special! It’s an easy way to coordinate your card with envelope.

Now for the front of the envelope.  Many of us think of stockings hung up on a brick fireplace, so I decided to use the left portion of the envelope front to create a little indication of bricks. I grabbed out a colored pencil and made my bricks. I just roughly colored them in, not being too careful or perfect.

Since stockings were used in place of the circles on the card, why not use another one for the circle area on the envelope front? Since the envelope was white, I made the base of the stocking red so it would stand out. After adhering the stocking to the envelope, I also coated it with Glue N Seal, to create a smoother surface, and make sure it didn’t come off in the mail.

Brick and Christmas stocking on envelope

Here they are together. Thank you again to Carol Cassel from Scrapbook Campus for letting me provide a card for the 12 Days of Christmas! Sign up here so you can get all the templates/sketches. Carol is an expert using Paint Pro software and teaches classes. If you or someone you know wants help with Paint Pro, Carol is your gal!

Artful Adventures Christmas stocking card and envelope

Cheers to YOUR Artful Adventures!


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  1. This is SO creative that even though i dont do paper scrapping, i might just find a way to copy your idea, even if only for a Christmas frame instead of a card. Why not?

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