Use Alphabet Stickers or Die Cuts for Masking Technique

Use Alphabet Stickers or Die Cuts for Masking Technique

Many of you said that you have problems finding ways to use some of the products you have in your stash.  Today’s project will show you how to use extra alphabet stickers, ribbon, and patterned paper!  I’m going to show you a masking technique to create an interesting element on a recycled project.  This project will also work if you want to use die cut letters, which is actually what I will use today.

You’ve probably heard me tell you many times that thrift stores, estate sales, and even garage sales are great places to find thing that you can alter or up cycle.  I was at the thrift store the other day and found two hinged boxes that I decided I would spruce up and use for handmade cards an envelopes, which I will probably use for gifts.

So, here is the before and after picture.

Learn to recycle a hinged tin box with patterned paper and alpha masking technique

 First, wipe down your item with rubbing alcohol to make sure it is clean and free of any dirt or oils.

Next, if the existing color on the outside rim of the lid, and the lip it closes over don’t coordinate with your choice of paper, you’ll want to recolor it. You’ll either need an alcohol ink, pigment ink, or in this case I used StazOn.  I opened the lid of the stamp pad, and squirted a few drops of the StazOn ink refill into the lid, and just used it like paint to cover the edged which would not be covered by paper.

stazon used to paint edges
StazOn ink refill in the lid of the stamp pad. Use it like paint on the rim of the lid.
Outer edge of lid painted
Paint outer edge of lid, and the lip that it will close over.

Select your paper and measure around the box for the length needed.  Measure the height of the area you will place the paper in.  This box needed 28 inches of paper to wrap around, with a height of 3.75 inches.  I was able to use a 12×12″ paper for the body; but had to use a second piece for the lid.   Place the tin upside down and trace around it for the top piece; or hold it in place and press the edges into the paper to mark where it will need to be cut.

Now, take your paper that will wrap around the body, and adhere it together for a single piece.

Next take some painters masking tape to mask off a boarder along your paper.  IMPORTANT TIP: Take the masking tape and tape it to your clothes and lift it off.  Repeat several times until you can tell the tape is still just a little bit tacky.  Be doing this, your masking tape will stick to the paper, but will easily come off the paper without ripping it!

Using painters masking tape to create border
IMPORTANT TIP: Take the masking tape and tape it to your clothes and lift it off. Repeat several times until you can tell the tape is still just a little bit tacky. Be doing this, your masking tape will stick to the paper, but will easily come off the paper!

Now we are going to put those alphabet stickers to work!  If you don’t have alphabet stickers, you can get the same effect by using die cut letters.  These were created with the Big Shot.  To use these as stickers for the masking technique, simple turn them upside down and apply non-permanent adhesive.  The 2-Way Glue Pen is perfect for this.  If the glue has a bit of a blue tint, it will bond items together.  If you let it dry, it becomes a non-permanent bond, like a sticky note.  So, that’s what you see here, the glue is drying so that I can make them removable.

alphabet stickers from die cuts
2-Way Glue Pen is perfect for making a permanent or temporary bond.  
Leaving them in the paper makes it easier to apply the adhesive.

Now apply your alphabet stickers between your two rows of masking tape.  If you are using alphabet stickers, use the same method as we used with the masking tape, before you stick them on the page.  We want to take the stickers off in a minute, so stick them on and off of your cloths or a cloth, before you stick them on the paper.  You can be as random or as planned as you want with the placement.

Alpha Stickers for masking
I used an ink pad and a sponge to apply the color. Be careful that you don’t knock the letters off the paper.  Gently sponge as much color on as you would like.  Notice that I only inked enough to add color, and left it somewhat transparent, and you can see the design of the paper still.

inking over the alphabet stickers
Ink along the length of your paper.

When your are finished inking, you can gently remove your alphas and your masked off borders.  Apply your paper to the tin!  I used Sticky Strip so that it would have a secure hold on the metal, and will be secure enough if this item is not going to see heavy action.  A few glue dots helped tack the paper in place to make it more manageable to deal with.  (If a super duper, all over hold is desired, you could use ModPodge to adhere the paper to your tin, but it will greatly increase the length of time before completion because you’ll have to wait on it to dry.)

I ran a length of ribbon around the body and added a bow.  I opted to not place anything else on the lid, although I had made a paper flower.  It just seemed that it looked best at this point without more embellishments.

hinged box projectI hope this will help you with some ideas to use your stash of supplies!  If you need something, feel free to shop my Stampin’Up! store for the items used above:

StazOn Ink Refill –  #102566

Stazon Ink Pad – #101406

Paper – “First Edition Specialty” – #121878,  digital version – #124408

2 Way Glue Pen – #100425

Stamping Sponges – #101610

Black Classic Ink Pad – #126980

Sticky Strip – #104294

Glue Dots – #103683

Black 3/8″ Ribbon – #119962

Now, get out there and have some Artful Adventures!  —Kristie



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