Quote, Unquote – Class with Stephanie Ackerman

Quote, Unquote – Class with Stephanie Ackerman

Have you noticed how much of our art has words these days? So many of us are creating one thing or another and adding words, quotes, and phrases to our pieces. Sometimes we make something and feel it isn’t quite complete until we add words to it.

We often see people looking at paintings or other works of art and trying to determine what the artist was feeling while creating the piece, their vision, or what they want us to feel when we see it. The works that we add words to are no different, but it seems to give us at least a hint into the piece. Sometimes the words are the major focus, with artfully drawn letters and added embellishments.

Many times I make something and feel like it’s missing something, until I find the words I want to add. Then it feels just right to me.

If you’d like to learn some great tips on adding words to your work, Mark you calendar for November 3! Stephanie Ackerman from Homegrown Hospitality is going to be the guest on Lain Ehmann’s November scrapinar and will be showing us how she turns ordinary text into inspiring, faith-filled works of “Heart!” I loved spending time with Stephanie at a workshop in Phoenix this summer, and I’m sure you’ll love to watch this free video class! (Here is my Artful Adventure post about our Phoenix experience with Stephanie.)  But don’t forget, you’ll need to go sign up for free, to get the viewing info, and to have a chance to watch the replay if you can’t catch it live!

November 2014 Scrapinar
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