Wednesday Wonder – Insta-Living Summer Edition

InstalivingIf you are like so many others, you may find yourself taking the same kinds of photos over and over. I bet you’d like to change that up — if it was easy! Well it is!

I’d like to introduce my friend, Danielle Taylor, who is affectionately known by many as “Scrapper On the Street,” from her video series she has done during several Layout-A-Day challenges. She is an avid photographer and scrapbooker, and ended up naming her website, Dani enjoys documenting everyday life and all it entails! She put together a fun, easy class called “Insta-Living Summer Edition.” It’s second run will be August 7-16, 2013.

I participated in the first run of the summer edition, and really enjoyed it. Dani offers inspirational ideas on documenting your life by the photos you take. She offers thought provoking videos on things we often overlook each day.

This class also offers some great information on apps that you can either use on your phone, or your computer to add some pizazz to your photos! Dani takes amazing photos from her phone to use in her scrapbooks, and part of that is due to some great apps she has found and will share information about!

Don’t let summer get completely away without this information!  The class is not a huge time commitment, and the price is just $15.  You’ll also have access to a private Flickr group where you can view photos others in the class are taking!

Do it NOW, before you forget!

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