Welcome – Today’s the Day!

Yes, today IS the day! It’s time to stop thinking about things and get started.  Remember that done is better than perfect, especially if it means you are waiting for something to get the “perfect” stage before you complete it!  That’s it for the important stuff of the day!

The Fourth of July is over and they’ll be trying to sell off summer things and bring in the snow shovels.  The retail world is just like that!  So in a couple of weeks if somebody needs a swimsuit, they’ll be able to buy school supplies or corduroy pants.  Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but it’s not far from the truth!

Many of my friends are getting ready to go to their annual events that their direct sales companies hold.  It is an exciting time to get together with others who enjoy the same products, the company philosophies, and meet new friends along the way.  Some of these events are rather overwhelming for those with rather laid back personalities.  I heard a lady not long ago tell about going to one, and that she really did not enjoy it — she felt like they would be serving the kool-aid next!  (Kool-aid is a reference to a very sad cult event where poison was interlaced in kool-aid for a mass suicide/murder.) In my case, I love the events because I’m just not that timid, and the events are a great way to get a pulse of the company by meeting people from corporate.

I’m not attending anything again this year, as there are just too many family members with health issues that need tended.  I’m okay with that, because my art projects are working there way into little crevices of time!  Sometimes I don’t get something finished, but it needs to dry anyway between things I doing, so it works out well.

Have a wonderful summer and get something done!


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  1. Hello sweet thing! I am loving you being online in a big way! You have so much to offer and you are obviously techie. I can hardly wait to see the fun.
    I am a people person and I adore social events where I get to meet like minded (and not) people. It is always stretching and motivating.

    Hugs! Junelle

    • Thanks, Junelle! Who knows, maybe we’ll end up actually having a live social event some day! Wouldn’t that we fun?

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