What’s the Story – Journaling Your Life

For those of you who enjoy keeping documenting your life and those around you with photos, don’t forget to write the stories, as well!  Previously, I’ve written about journaling in memory keeping in this post: The Palest Ink is Better Than the Best Memory

Kristie Sloan with Tracie Claiborne
Kristie Sloan with Tracie Claiborne

During a recent “family” reunion with my ScrapHappy group, we were fortunate to have Tracie Claiborne of the ScrapGals Podcast join us in person. Tracie allowed us to be the first participants of a new class she is putting the final touches on, regarding journaling and telling the stories of our lives.

She offered so many ideas to capture memories about not only special events, but to go beyond the surface of a photos and use them to tell so many other stories.

I’ll let you know when the class is available to everyone, you’ll want to be sure and take it; especially if you are someone who usually steers clear of adding anything but pictures to your memory keeping.

I hope you will also look into joining our ScrapHappy group, and perhaps coming to our next reunion!

Cheers to YOUR Artful Adventures!



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