Would You Like to do More with your Supplies?

Would You Like to do More with your Supplies?

Ideas for Craft Supplies
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Have you accumulated more arts and crafts supplies for your favorite hobby than you know what to do with?  Would you like to find some ways to use them?

Whether you like to scrapbook, stamp, make cards, art journal, create mixed media, or any number of other hobbies, you probably have a stash of items that you are not really using on a regular basis.  This picture depicts a very tidy space, but many of us don’t have things this organized (and you know who you are)!  The fact remains, if you’re not using your stash of goodies, they are just taking up valuable real estate in your space!  If you are like most hobby enthusiasts, there is no telling how much money you have invested in these items.

This isn’t about making you feel guilty for not utilizing all that great stuff.  Instead, it’s about creating a plan to use it up!  We often get in a rut and use the same products over and over, and the rest just begin to collect dust.  In part, Artful Adventures is about helping you find new ways to use stuff you already have on hand!  We are going to dig in and find what you have, and help you find some ways to use it up!

As we get ready to do that, I would urge you to get started by finding out what you have.  Put like with like so that you begin to see what you really have.  Once you begin to do that, you’ll know what you have and it will be so much easier to move forward.  That way, as we talk about ways to use different products, you’ll know if you have it on hand, or if it looks like something that could work with others things you have, you won’t end up having duplicates.

I’ll confess right now that my arts and crafts items have finally made their way into a single area, and it so much more efficient!  However, I had been carrying items all over the house and using them when the mood hit me.  I am afraid that method has cost me several black markers I was using on some lettering projects.  Ouch.  I still hope they turn up before I need them and end up replacing any or all of them!

Not only are we going to talk about ways to use products, but we’ll talk about using them to cross from one thing to another: (come on say it with me) whether you want to use it in scrapbooking, stamping, card making, mixed media or art journaling!

What kinds of products do you have that you just aren’t using these days?  Leave a comment and let’s see what we can do!


9 Responses to Would You Like to do More with your Supplies?

  1. Hmmmmm, what don’t I have in my stash & what am I not using at the moment? Mostly scrapbooking supplies! I seem to be gravitating towards paint & canvas these days with a little bit of other mediums mixed in. But the tags, stickers & embellies are getting dusty! We just moved to a bigger house, so I will now have 2 studios – my office/craft room upstairs & a large painting area in the unfinished basement. We’ll see how well that works for me – having things in 2 totally separate areas might drive me mad! Can’t wait to hear where you go with this topic! It’s a great reminder for us to use up what we have & stop buying so many new things! :)
    PS the website looks great!!!

    • Becky, so exciting to have a new place to explore how to best use the space! Thanks for commenting and we will be covering how to use some of that scrapbook stash, as well as all kinds of products/supplies. You’ll have to get back to us and let us know how the 2 studios works for you! I decided having it all closer together was the way to do for me!

  2. Ahhhhh yes the dreaded stash. I have stickers tons of them some of them are even from when I first started scrapbooking. Don’t ask me why I hang on to these stickers because I can’t tell you why. Some of them I give to my daughter for her to use and others just sit there waiting to be used even though I know that I will most likely never use them. Looking forward to some suggestions you might have for me to get rid of my stickers!

    • Beth, thanks for your input! I’ve got some awesome ideas we are going to cover on using your extra stickers! They won’t have to feel all alone and unused! You’ll be glad you kept them and I’m sure you WILL put them to use!

    • Jeanie, a monthly ribbon club!! Oh my! It would be amazing to see what you have on hand! Is it a real variety of widths and types? I can hardly wait to get started on some of these product stashes you all have! Thanks for letting us know what you are up against Jeanie!

  3. I collect, but have a hard time using certain patterned papers… especially really special, or expensive ones. I coughed up the dough for them, now I just hang on to them… waiting for something special. Don’t know what that is, but apparently it isn’t the pages I’ve been working on!


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