Your Life… Inspired

Your Life… Inspired

Artful Adventures shares Monica Bradford class

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you feel like you need inspiration for your creative projects?  You feel stuck and can’t create your next scrapbook page, card, art journal page, etc.  You get online and look a all kinds of websites, Pinterest, FaceBook, anywhere.. just trying to figure out what you want to do.  You may even save a bunch of ideas to use “some day.”  However, you still just don’t start your own projects.

What about using YOUR LIFE as inspiration?

Monica Bradford


If you don’t know Monica Bradford, I’d like you to meet her!  She is a busy mom, wife and business woman and has spent years documenting memories for her family. Yes, she is a scrapbooker!  She readily shares inspiration on her website,

I wanted to also let you know she has a wonderful class starting Friday, January 18th, Your Life… Inspired.   I will give you a link to check it out and hear from Monica, herself, but here is a quick rundown:

Artful Adventures shares Your Life Inspired

  • Two weeks of daily inspirational emails
  • 5 actionable prompts to get you inspired
  • 5 original layouts and process videos showing you creative ways to document your inspiration
  • Access to a Flickr group where fellow class members can share projects, ask questions, and get personal feedback from Monica!
  • A bonus instagram project idea for documenting your inspiration!

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Monica is really a lot of fun and you may want to check out another one of her classes, which I have participated in:  “All I Ever Need To Know About Journaling I Learned In Kindergarden.”  

You can visit Monica’s website and tell her I sent you over!

If you’d like a sample of Monica and her creative humor, you may like to see this little video she did, which was featured on Becky’s Higgins 12 Days of Christmas series.


P.S.  I hope you’ll join us for Your Life… Inspired.  We’re sure to find some inspiration for our Artful Adventures!

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